Nover’s View: Rodgers and McAfee

On January 11, 2024, in Uncategorized, by Stephen

I’m going to throw my two cents into the recent Aaron Rodgers controversy. I don’t know what’s gotten into Rodgers the past couple of years. Before then he presented a classy face of the Packers and their organization.

I watched HBO’s training camp show on the Jets and Rodgers seemed like a really good guy. He was featured a lot and came across as down-to-earth, unpretentious with a good sense of humor.

But he’s said some off-the-wall things while on the Pat McAfee show. It was totally inappropriate that he said Jimmy Kimmel might be on Jeffery Epstein’s list. You don’t joke about pedophiles, or say something like that unless you have proof. It was totally out of bounds and a huge disappointment for a Rodgers’ fan like myself.

McAfee used Rodgers to improve his ratings. Having Rodgers on for his weekly visit often made news. But now McAfee discards Rodgers when a controversy heats up and there’s blow back, justifiable as it is. I thought those two were buddies? That’s a real lack of loyalty from McAfee in my book.

One suggestion for McAfee. Get rid of A.J. Hawk. He comes across as a total cipher.


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