Nover’s View: An unlikely baseball occurrence

On June 9, 2022, in MLB, by Stephen

Is Angel Hernandez kidding? Hernandez, the worst baseball umpire by a mile, filed a grievance against Major League Baseball saying the league manipulated its internal umpiring metrics to disadvantage minorities. MLB does this, according to Hernandez, to exclude minorities from becoming crew chiefs.

Yes there should be a lawsuit filed involving Hernandez. But that lawsuit should be one that forces Hernandez to be fired due to total incompetency.

Perhaps it’s because he’s a minority that Hernandez has been around to ruin baseball for 29 years. How else to explain why someone this bad at his job hasn’t been fired yet?

You always know when Hernandez has been behind the plate. Because the next day – or even that night – lowlights on social media circulate showing Hernandez screwing up balls and strike calls.

Hernandez must be on another planet to think he’s being discriminated against from being a crew chief.

He’s the worst umpire I’ve seen in 59 years of watching baseball.

My God. What’s next, Patrick Corbin filing a lawsuit saying baseball is manipulating his 2-8 record and 6.71 ERA to make it appear he’s a bad starting pitcher?


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