Nover’s View: Packers post-mortem

On January 25, 2021, in Uncategorized, by Stephen

I rarely – if ever – find fault with Aaron Rodgers. But his decision-making was off. Maybe it was because he was hearing footsteps, not having the good protection he’s used to. 

Matt LaFleur made the worst decision of the Packers’ season not taking that 4th down chance at a TD. Kicking a FG was the kind of stupid thing Mike McCarthy would have done. 

The Packers need to upgrade their coaching at defensive-coordinator and of course special teams. Those coaches need to go. Giving up a long TD pass at the end of the first half was Gregg Williamsesque. 

I’m not a fan of Kevin King either. He’s always hurt and he doesn’t step up.

The Packers probably would have beaten any other team at Lambeau except the Bucs and maybe the Chiefs. Unfortunately they drew the Bucs and weren’t up to the task. Bad decisions and the official’s calling a loose game as far as defensive holding certainly hurt the Packers. But the Packers weren’t – and aren’t – the better team. Plain and simple. 


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