Nover’s View: NFL Draft Props I like

On April 22, 2019, in NFL, by Stephen

By Stephen Nover

I don’t believe Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray is going to be the No. 1 overall draft. That is not the consensus view, but it’s an opinion that I’m hoping can turn profitable.

Some basic NFL draft props are out in Las Vegas and I’ve fired on three of them based on my anti-Murray sentiments. They are:

Plus $4.50 on Murray not going No. 1 overall, 5-1 on Ohio State pass rusher Nick Bosa being the No. 1 overall selection and 20-1 on Alabama defensive lineman Quinnen Williams being the first player taken.

Williams and Bosa are the best players in this year’s draft. One of them will go No. 1 if Murray isn’t selected.

I get that quarterback is by far the most important position. But supreme pass rushers with upside – both of which include Bosa and Williams – are right behind quarterbacks as a high priority item in the draft.

Bosa is thought to be the best pass rusher in the draft. Williams has been compared to the Steelers’ Mean Joe Greene, who just might be the greatest defensive tackle in NFL history.

The Cardinals pick first. They used a top-10 pick on Josh Rosen last year. Rosen flashed in 13 starts, but his progress was greatly hindered by lack of playmaking receivers and an offensive line that could have been the worst in the NFL. It’s way too early to pass judgment on Rosen. The Cardinals have way too many weaknesses to have the luxury of taking another quarterback with the No. 1 pick.

Even if the Cardinals were to trade Rosen – which is proving difficult – or another team trades up for the No. 1 pick, it doesn’t ensure Murray would go first. Murray is far from a sure-thing let alone a franchise quarterback. He’s listed at 5-foot-10, but he might not even be that tall. Who really knows since Murray didn’t work out at the combine in Indianapolis.

Russell Wilson is one of the few short quarterbacks in NFL history to reach franchise quarterback status. Wilson, though, is a great thrower and not just a dangerous runner. Wilson also has far better intangibles than Murray, who is criticized by scouts for having a bland personality and not being much of a leader. He also has a baseball option and is inexperienced having started just one full year of college football.

Perhaps this is being overaly critical, but that’s the scrutiny a potential No. 1 overall draft choice faces.

Bosa and Williams have the highest draft grades. They are at premium positions. The betting odds on them are good right now. So I’m involved.


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