Bad Quarterbacks Hurting NFL

On November 6, 2017, in NFL, by Stephen

I won’t say the NFL is unwatchable. But some teams in the league are unwatchable based on who their quarterback is.

You know it’s a tough 12-game Sunday card when there are seven quarterbacks starting worse than Blake Bortles. And the Browns weren’t even in action.

I’ve never seen two starting quarterbacks in today’s modern era, where the rules greatly favor passing, worse than Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage.

One position – quarterback – has ruined this Broncos season despite an elite defense that could be in quit mode now. Osweiler and Savage aren’t even good game managers. They mak Brady Quinn look like Brett Favre by comparison.

I tried to make the Broncos work from a betting perspective taking more than a touchdown with them against the Eagles. Silly me to try to jump in front of the Eagles with Osweiler. I had no worries about the Texans going Under the total once Deshaun Watson was lost, replaced by Savage. It is painful and frustrating to watch Osweiler and Savage.

We’re barely past Halloween and already the Texans season is ruined because of Watson’s injury. So is the Buccaneers season with Jameis Winston just a shell of himself due to a shoulder injury. We very well could have a Josh McCown-Ryan Fitzpatrick duel Sunday in what could be called the Journeyman Bowl.

We’ll find out tonight if the Packers season is dead, or if Brett Hundley can indeed play. We know Drew Stanton can’t play. He never could. Neither can 49ers rookie C.J. Beathard at this young stage of his career.

Eli Manning is near the end. Joe Flacco is just a dink-and-dunker. Andy Dalton is exposed as a stiff without a good offensive line and lacking more than one quality wide receiver to prop him up.

On the plus side, Carson Wentz and Jared Goff have stepped up in their second season to become very good. Wentz already has established himself as a franchise quarterback.

Right now only 17 of the 32 teams have at least a decent quarterback. That’s barely 50 percent. Better care has to be done in signing backup quarterbacks. Mobility can hide many warts. I’d much rather have a youngster such as Jacoby Brissett as my second-stringer than hold a spot for stiffs such as Savage, Osweiler and Stanton.


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