Solution for the Giants and Packers

On October 24, 2017, in NFL, by Stephen

The New York Giants have the third-worst record in the NFL with just one victory. Only the Browns and 49ers are worse.

The Green Bay Packers have gone from strong Super Bowl contender to doubtful to make the playoffs because of Aaron Rodgers’ broken collarbone.

The Giants need to think about next season. The Packers have too much talent to give up on this season.

There’s a solution, thouigh: The Giants trade Eli Manning to the Packers for say third and fifth round draft choices. The Giants get decent draft choice compensation on an aging quarterback during a lost season, while a third-round and fifth-round pick shouldn’t be too rich for Packers general manager Ted Thompson to cough up knowing his season is in serious danger of going down the tubes.

The NFC East has become the strongest division in the NFC. The Giants have too many losses and injuries to key players to even hope for the playoffs. It behooves them to play for next year. Manning is past his prime. His fastball is gone. Even if he were still in his prime, Manning couldn’t do anything with a bad offensive line, below average running backs and a decimated wide receiver corps.

It’s the Giants, not the Jets, who are the New York team that should be tanking. That means giving rookie third-round draft choice Davis Webb a shot at quarterback. The Giants said they had Webb graded as a first-rounder when they drafted him. OK, here’s your chance to prove that and see what he can do. If Webb has NFL-caliber starting ability great for the Giants. If he doesn’t, than the Giants can use their probable top-three draft choice on a quarterback.

The Packers can’t win with Brett Hundley. That was made obvious this past Sunday when the Packers hosted the Saints, whose defense is improved but doesn’t come close to being confused as an upper-level unit.

Green Bay’s outstanding recieving weaponry of Jordy Nelson, Davonte Adams, Randall Cobb and Martellus Bennett were wasted on Hundley, who couldn’t come close to exploiting the weaknesses in the Saints’ coverage. Hundley doesn’t throw an accurate long ball, doesn’t have the right trajectory on play-action and lacks the proper touch on screen passes.

Manning can take advantage of Green Bay’s many weapons. He would be a good fit to take over especially given extra time since the Packers are on their bye this week. Giants coach Ben McAdoo was the Packers’ quarterback coach from 2012-13 before going to New York.

Manning has the savvy, experience and short-to-intermediate touch to turn the Packers back into a Super Bowl contender.


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