Enough of these losers

On August 23, 2015, in MLB, by Stephen

In ancient China they had a method to torture and executive prisoners. It was called “death by a thousand cuts.”

I can relate to what these poor victims must have felt like having wagered and watched the Oakland A’s the past two nights.

Linemakers put out one of their worst openers on yesterday’s Rays-A’s matchup opening the great Sonny Gray just minus $1.05 at home. The line reached as high as Oakland minus $1.56 by post.

The A’s led 4-3 going into the ninth inning. Tama Bay was 0-49 when trailing after eight innings. The Rays won, 5-4.

On Friday night, Chris Bassitt pitched another wonderful game for Oakland. The A’s lost 2-1 to Drew Smyly, who was making only his second start on the comeback trail from a torn labrum and tendonitis in his pitching shoulder.

The A’s could form an excellent bluegrass band with their collection of banjo hitter.

I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than watch Marcus Semien hopelessly flail away as he strikes out again with less than two out and a runner at third.

Opponents must be tempted to play seven infielders and no outfielders when Billy Burns bats. Coco Crisp makes Burns look like Ty Cobb, though, with his nifty .165 batting average and .255 OBP.


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