Bills Lose Class with Ryan

On August 19, 2015, in Uncategorized, by Stephen

I always though the Buffalo Bills were a classy team when Ralph Wilson was their owner.

But with Wilson deceased and Rex Ryan in control, the Bills have become a trash outfit.

Ryan’s always been a loudmouth and his defensive reputation has taken a hit during the past couple of seasons. But what he’s assembling in Buffalo is something out of “The Longest Yard” without any Chris Rock humor, or Burt Reynolds’ charm.

The Bills’ roster is littered with guys who would make up a good cast for a remake of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Ryan got a lot of attention for claiming IK Enemkpali off waivers. I’m not sure if Ryan believes this fringe player can make his roster, or if he just wanted to tweak his former Jets team by picking up a guy who sucker punched Geno Smith breaking the quarterback’s jaw.

Enemkpali previously had been arrested on charges of battery on a police officer. But Enemkpali is a choir boy compared to another player Ryan picked up – the toxic Richie Incognito, who already has been kicked off the Rams and Dolphins. Incognito missed last season because he bullied a Miami teammate nearly destroying the young man’s life.

The list doesn’t end there. The Bills have chemistry-killer Percy Harvin, whose resume includes being banned from Virginia high school sports and punching his position coach in college. The Bills are Harvin’s fourth team in four years.

LeSean McCoy is another bad actor on the Bills. McCoy has had controversies via social media and before departing the Eagles raised a furor by calling Chip Kelly a racist.

Ryan also has on staff offensive line coach Aaron Kromer, who got into a fight with three minors during the summer over beach chairs. Kromer allegedly punched one boy in the face and threatened to kill his family. Yet Kromer remains with the Bills suspended a mere six games instead of being dismissed from the team for his insanity.

I get that the Bills are desperate to end their 15-season playoff drought. But turning their once-proud franchise into a cesspool isn’t the right way.


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