Unless something drastic occurs, it’s going to happen. The Arizona Cardinals are going to become the first 9-1 team to miss the NFL playoffs.

The collapse is caused by Carson Palmer being knocked out for the season, replaced by Drew Stanton, a career stiff. Despite having one of the sharpest offensive gurus as his coach in Bruce Arians, Stanton has produced just 16 points in his past three starts while getting intercepted five times.

The Cardinals are only pick’em at home against the Chiefs, who have a fierce pass rush. Then the Cardinals meet the Rams, who have the hottest defense. That Thursday road game is followed by a home matchup against Seattle, which is back to its dominant defensive self with the return of Bobby Wagner and Kam Chancellor, and then in Week 17 the Cardinals go back on the road to face the defensively-strong 49ers.

There’s nothing Stanton can do. He is who he is, which isn’t very good.

But the Cardinals still have time to do something about it. They can go sign 45-year-old Brett Favre.

Laugh if you will, but I’d still take Favre being on the farm for the last four years over Stanton especially with Arians as his coach. This isn’t as far-fetched as you might think unless you believe Jeff Fisher is nuts. Fisher tried to lure Favre to play for the Rams last season after Sam Bradford went down for the season.

It would be a shame to see the Cardinals waste their outstanding coaching – on both sides of the ball – and wide receiver talent because a bad backup quarterback has hijacked their offense.

Talk at least to Favre. The Cardinals have nothing to lose but a playoff spot.


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