Warren Sapp’s pirate commerical

On December 3, 2014, in NFL, by Stephen

You probably have seen that Bud Light commercial where Warren Sapp, dressed like a pirate, surprises a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan by remodeling the guy’s living room into a Buccaneers man cave.

The guy loved it.

But if Sapp entered my house unannounced I’d have him arrested immediately for trespassing. I’m not a Buccaneers fan and I’m certainly not a fan of Sapp. In fact, I despise the guy.

Sapp is a dual threat – he’s cheap and a cheapshot artist. I’ll never forget the game he knocked out Packers offensive left tackle Chad Clifton for the season. The Buccaneers had picked off a Brett Favre pass and were trying to run in it for a touchdown. Clifton was 30 yards behind the play barely jogging, a complete non-factor, when Sapp came out of nowhere to completely blindside him with a block that broke Clifton’s leg and nearly ended his career.

Then Packers head coach Mike Sherman had to be restrained from going after Sapp. It was the only time I ever respected Sherman when he coached the Packers.

If Budweiser wants to sell more beer they should find a different person to feature in their commercial. Not Sapp. How about a real Somali pirate? The bar is set so low that the guy probably would be classier than Sapp.


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