NFL Super Bowl Hypocrisy

On January 28, 2019, in NFL, by Stephen

By Stephen Nover

Tony Romo has rapidly become one of my favorite NFL analysts. But if a Rams defender breathes on Tom Brady and a roughing-the-passer penalty is then called, don’t blame Romo for not mentioning there was a yes/no prop bet if this would happen to Brady.

Sports wagering is now legal in seven states and the number should continue to grow. But the NFL and CBS remain staunch hypocrites when it comes to betting.

Their hypocrisy will be on full display when CBS televises the Super Bowl because there will be no talk about the point spread, total, prop bets or anything gambling related pertaining to the game.

Never mind that the NFL has a multiyear sponsorship deal with Caesars Entertainment in which Caesars has exclusive rights to use NFL trademarks to promote in its various casinos across the U.S. and United Kingdom, or it is being estimated that around $4 billion is going to be wagered on the game.

The corporate lackeys at CBS are going to follow the NFL’s company line and not talk about anything gambling related about the game.

Somewhere Art Rooney Sr., Charles Bidwill Sr. and Tim Mara are stirring uneasy in their graves.

Steelers owner Rooney kept his team alive during the Depression from his horse race winnings. Cardinals founder and owner Bidwell was a horse track owner like Rooney. Mara, who started the Giants, was a bookie. All three were founding fathers of the NFL.

You didn’t hear that from the NFL, though.


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