Nover’s View: Reflections on NFL Week 12

On November 27, 2017, in NFL, by Stephen

Here are my notes and observations from Week 12 of this NFL season:

The Broncos need to admit this and then move on: Trevor Siemian is their best quarterback choice. Neither Brock Osweiler nor Paxton Lynch can play a lick.

I may be in the minority here, but I thought it was great to see the Raiders involved in an old fashion brawl. Reminded me of the long-gone days of Ben Davidson, who was one of the all-time cheap shot artists.

The Browns blew another point spread cover. This time, though, it wasn’t entirely their fault. Late in the game on a crucial play, Jabrill Peppers made a great hit to jar the ball loose on a Bengals wide receiver and was called for a penalthy. The NFL has many things wrong with it. Penalizing a great hit – that wasn’t late – is one of the things wrong with today’s game. This was a pure football play. It is a contact sport.

Is it just me, or do you hate Mike Malarkey’s play-calling, too?

The Dolphins get my vote as the dirtiest team in the NFL.

It’s frustrating to have Leonard Fournette on your fantasy team. It could be worse. Kareem Hunt hasn’t scored a rushing touchdown in his last eight games. Hopefully he doesn’t become the football version of Tuffy Rhodes.

Who would have thought Alvin Kamara would emerge as the best rookie running back this year.

Seeing poor Jacoby Brissett get beat-up every week because of a porous offensive line makes me realize how smart Andrew Luck was not to play this season. The guy did go to Stanford after all.

This would be the one year I didn’t draft Keenan Allen.

Tevin Coleman would be a top-five running back if Devonta Freeman wasn’t on the Falcons.

Russell Wilson has almost twice as many rushing yards than any Seahawks runner. Next to Aaron Rodgers, Wilson is worth more to his team than any player.

The best referees are the ones whose names I don’t know. That rules out Jerome Boger, Ed Hochuli and Tony Corrente.

Speaking of officiating, the NFL should name Mike Pereira commissioner.

They were great football players, but Ronde Barber and his twin brother Tiki remind me of those two drug cartel hit men twins from Breaking Bad.

Tony Romo has become my new favorite NFL analyst.


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