Ryan Braun Needs to Man Up

On July 20, 2017, in MLB, by Stephen

I traded a $1 Michael Taylor for an end-of-contract Ryan Braun in my Rotisserie keeper league. That was back about half a dozen Braun injuries ago, Regrets? Yeah, I sure have. I knew Braun was getting brittle, but this is ridiculous.

If they make a remake of the Wizard of Oz, Braun should play the part of the Tin Man. The Brewers are going through a tough stretch where they could lose their precarious first-place lead in the NL Central.

They desperately need Braun today to halt their four-game losing streak facing a talented pitcher in Jamison Tallion. But, no, Braun once again is out of the lineup. Just like yesterday the excuse is calf and wrist soreness.
Braun’s been proven a liar and cheater. Now add weak tit to that list.


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