Greatest NFL Coach Ever

On February 5, 2017, in NFL, by Stephen

Who’s the greatest NFL coach of all-time?

In my opinion the short list is composed of four people:

No. 4: Bill Walsh – The most creative offensive mind of the modern era. A genius in the passing game.

No. 3: Paul Brown – I didn’t start watching the NFL until the early 1960’s so Brown was a little ahead of my time. But his innovations, discipline and record speak for themselves. He seemed to be a combination of Walsh/Belichick/Lombardi.

No. 2: Bill Belichick – The greatest of the modern era coach. His record of 14 straight division titles isn’t likely to ever be matched. The best ever at mixing and matching based on weekly game plans. The most complete coach, too, based not only on his defensive expertise, but special teams knowledge, too.

No. 1: Vince Lombardi – No coach could get more out of his players than Lombardi. He alone would be worth three-to-five victories a season. Never had a below .500 season despite inheriting a bottom feeder with Green Bay in 1959 and a 5-9 Washington team in 1969.


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