Week 6 NFL Observations

On October 17, 2016, in NFL, by Stephen

10. Same old Raiders.

9. Like him or not, Colin Kaepernick is a huge upgrade on Blaine Gabbert. Sure the bar isn’t set very high there, but Kaepernick runs far better (a trait very much needed in Chip Kelly’s offense) than Gabbert and actually presents the threat of a deep ball. I disagree with Kaepernick’s stance on the national anthem, but I give him credit for standing up (or in his case kneeling down) for his convictions. I’m actually more taken back by his Afro. Is that Kaepernick underneath that helmet, or Angela Davis?

8. See I was right to fade the Eagles. Unfortunately just three weeks too early in doing it.

7. Thank God I won’t have to take the Titans again in my survivor pool.

6. Speaking of the Titans, a special thank you to their organization for cutting Charlie Whitehurst. I wish Whitehurst the best on his future … as long as it’s not as a quarterback in the NFL. Whitehurst and Brady Quinn were the two worst quarterbacks to watch with checkdowns being their only means of a forward pass.

5. One word comes to mind when handicapping the Ravens: Teaser. All six of Baltimore’s games have been decided by six points or fewer.

4. Congratulations to the Lions. They are the only team who could make Case Keenum look like Joe Montana. That obnoxious quacking sound isn’t a duck but a Keenum pass.

3. Reporters should be the ones getting testy with Mike McCarthy not the other way around when questions come up about the Packers’ disjointed offense. Green Bay’s passing game is brutal to watch. It’s my theory the Packers have never fully recovered from McCarthy blowing that playoff game in Seattle two seasons ago with his gutless coaching. By the way, I’m starting to get Aaron Rodgers a bit confused with Jay Cutler.

2. Memo to Marvin Lewis when it’s fourth-and-goal from the one-yard line you might want to give the ball to Jeremy Hill instead of Giovani Bernard. Hill does one thing well – scoring from the goal line. Bernard can catch the ball and sometimes get to the outside. However, he’s never been confused with being a power back. Maybe Marvin should find something to do when the Bengals are on offense – like go to the concession stand.

1. Watching Odell Beckham Jr. is like taking in a Shakespeare play. The guy could play Hamlet, or Bottom. He’s the Freddie Mercury of the NFL.


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