10 NFL Observations from Week 5

On October 10, 2016, in NFL, by Stephen

Here are my 10 weekly NFL observations from Week 5:

10. Jim Schwartz still can’t win in Detroit. I’m being a little snide here as I haven’t liked a Lions coach since Buddy Parker. Schwartz is an early candidate for Defensive Coordinator of the Year for turning around the Eagles.

9. The NFC East is the most improved division. Before the season, I thought the Giants would win the division. Right now they’re the worst team in the NFC East. As well as Dak Prescott has played, the Cowboys offense is going to be better and more wide open when Tony Romo returns possibly in Week 8.

8. I wonder how many of those Bay Area fans ripping Colin Kaepernick for his behavior during the National Anthem now want him to start? If they are being hypocritical I wouldn’t be too tough on them. I mean would you want to see Blaine Gabbert quarterbacking your team week after week?

7. Speaking of bad quarterbacks, Brock Osweiler is a stiff. It’s excruciatingly painful watching the Texans offense especially when they have to play from far behind and you have them on your betting ticket.

6. Eli Manning will end up in the Hall of Fame when he retires based on his two Super Bowl rings and ranking in the top seven all-time in touchdown passes and top 10 in passing yards. That’s unfortunate because Manning isn’t a Hall of Fame quarterback. He’s always been durable, more good than great. Eli’s had two things in his favor – being the brother of Peyton and playing in the media market capital of the country. Even though he has about as much charisma as a door knob, he probably does more commercials and endorsements than any NFL player with the exception of his retired brother.

5. Defensive lineman Marcell Dareus was eligible to play for the Bills this past Sunday following a suspension. But he didn’t play because of a hamstring injury. Dareus is the highest-paid non-quarterback in the NFL earning $35.2 million, according to Forbes. And you wonder why the Bills haven’t made the playoffs since Louis XIV was the king of France.

4. Here’s a simple betting rule when it comes to the NFL: Never go against Bill Belichick and always go against the Browns. The first part of this rule should extend to the Vikings under Mike Zimmer. The Vikings have covered 29 of their 38 games under Zimmer. That’s 76 percent! Minnesota is 18-3 ATS in its last 21 games and a perfect 5-0 this season. The oddsmaker has done a rare poor job when it comes to properly lining Vikings games. I haven’t had more respect for a Vikings coach since Bud Grant.

3. How does CBS consider Jim Nantz and Phil Simms their No. 1 NFL broadcast team? Simms is far down the pole of color commentators, neither insightful nor witty. Nantz doesn’t even know the players. The tip off is when he sees a number and calls out the name of the player from the other team who wears that same number. Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon are easily CBS’s best NFL broadcast team.

2. The Jacksonville Jaguars finally looked well coached. That’s because they had a bye. Speaking of byes, get ready for the Chiefs this Sunday. Andy Reid’s team was idle this past week. Reid’s record with the Eagles and Chiefs following a bye is 15-2.

1. Is it just me, or does your enjoyment watching football diminish when Ed Hochuli is the official? The best official’s are the ones you never talk about. Hochuli and his crew just ruin games making phantom penalty calls and hogging the spotlight. I watch these NFL teams week after week, year after year. Yet when Hochuli officiates game I see penalties called that are never called on these teams by other officials.


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