Packers Just Got Weaker

On September 4, 2016, in NFL, by Stephen

It’s not going to be reflected in next Sunday’s point spread against Jacksonville, nor in its season wins total, but the Green Bay Packers just got a lot weaker.

Ted Thompson struck again.

The Packers general manager, who would rather put nine-inch nails in his eyes than make a trade, just cut guard Josh Sitton. Yep, Thompson just cut his best offensive linemen. Sitton was in the final year of a $5.9 million contract.

Sitton was a warrior and ranks among the finest guards in Packers history, which is saying a lot. Perhaps there was a little slippage, but at 30 Sitton still had good years left and would rank among the best guards in the league. In my view, he could have rated a second or third-round draft pick.

That wasn’t going to happen with Ted, who is a little to the right of Rush Limbaugh in his conservatism.

Now Lane Taylor becomes the Packers’ new left guard. Taylor is a stiff. It’s a huge drop-off – and it didn’t need to happen.

As a life-long Packers fan and native of Wisconsin, I say to Ted Thompson: Go back into your cave and do what you do best, which is find good middle round draft picks and free agent defensive backs. Because that’s the only good thing you do.

Ron Wolf you are very much missed in Green Bay.


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