Hope Solo has a right to her opinion

On August 26, 2016, in Sports, by Stephen

So political correctness in America has reached the point where Hope Solo gets suspended for six months by U.S. Soccer for calling the Sweden soccer team a bunch of cowards after they upset the U.S in the Olympics.

Look, I don’t agree with Solo’s comments. She’s an ungracious loser and totally classless. But she has a right to her opinion and was being honest. It’s not like she said anything pro-Hitler like the late Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott, or lied to authorities like Ryan Lochte.

In the journalism world, Solo is known as a good quote. Those are rare today. Solo was made to look bad, by the classy quotes that came from some of her teammates and the Swedish coach. That should be enough to embarrass her. A six-month suspension is way out of line.

Obviously, U.S. soccer would have washed their hands of Solo and her constant stains if she wasn’t maybe the best female goalie in the world. But they chose not to. So it smacks of hypocrisy to suspend her – after the Olympics have finished. Either put up with her never-ending shenanigans, or just plain boot her off the team. But don’t cut of freedom of speech to teach her, or anyone, a lesson.


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