Clippers Christmas Rant

On December 26, 2015, in NBA, by Stephen

I wish the NBA wouldn’t schedule any games on Christmas. They just ruin the holiday. At least they ruined mine big-time.

It started so well Friday with my three little girls gleefully opening their Christmas presents, followed by a great family meal and a relaxing family day. Before retiring for the night, I checked my lone play – Clippers minus 11 1/2 against the Lakers.

The score going into the fourth quarter: Clippers 85, Lakers 57. This 28-point Clippers blowout didn’t surprise me in the least. One of the handicapping factors I took into account was the Clippers beating the Lakers seven times in a row by an average of nearly 25 points a game. They hate their city rivals.

I nearly threw up Christmas dinner when I checked back to log in the final score – Clippers 94, Lakers 84. The Clippers’ reserves were outscored, 27-9, by the Lakers during the garbage fourth quarter. It was enough for the Clippers not to cover the spread.

Cole Aldrich’s plus/minus court rating in the game was minus 13. Sure he’s a fringe player, but he was going against the Lakers bench. Paul Pierce had a minus 11 for his court time against the Lakers scrubs. How does a future Hall of Famer allow that to happen? Never mind, I’ll answer that question myself: By playing too long in the league.

The Clippers are nothing but a bunch of chokers and losers. They proved that in the playoffs last season and they’re underachieving again this season. I hate the classless way they stole DeAndre Jordan from the Mavericks.

As a professional, you can’t let personal biases cloud your handicapping judgment. I can’t help it, though. I despise the Clippers.


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