NFL Dancing

On November 22, 2015, in NFL, by Stephen

Whenever I wanted to learn new dance moves when growing up I would watch “Soul Train.”

Nowadays “Soul Train” has been replaced by NFL football. Where do Cam Newton and some of these guys come up with these dance moves?

Being old school, I long for the old days when nobody would dare dance in front of a Dick Butkus or Ray Nitschke. Then again classy players like Johnny Unitas and Jim Brown would never even consider doing such a thing.

NFL teams should designate a player to be like an enforcer in hockey. This player would knock the block out of an opposing player who celebrates/dances too long and too obnoxiously. Yeah, this player would get tossed but the point would be made. Don’t embarrass our team with your BS.

I want to watch football not “Saturday Night Fever.”


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