More NFL Garbage

On August 25, 2015, in NFL, by Stephen

After seeing one run scored in Monday’s Astros-Yankees game – where I liked the over – I need a stooge, Or, in the words of Cris Carter, a fall guy to take the rap for that horrible pick.

In case you missed the story, the NFL just recently got around to taking down a video on its website that was filmed last year where Carter and Warren Sapp spoke to NFL rookies during a seminar about learning life lessons.

Yeah there’s two great role models. What Lawrence Phillips and O.J. Simpson weren’t available?

No, Sapp didn’t talk about assaulting hookers or stiffing waitresses. But Carter gave this valuable advice telling classy Teddy Bridgewater, Chris Borland and other rookies from last year that when you get in trouble just have a fall guy in your crew to take the blame.

This is some of what Carter said, “… Because y’all not gonna do the right stuff, so I gotta teach you how to get around all this stuff, too. If you gonna have a crew, one of them fools got to know, he’s going jail …”

After Carter’s remarks came to mainstream light the NFL got around to apologizing and taking down the video.

The NFL, after all, has more important things to do like force the cancellation of Tony Romo’s huge fantasy football get together in Las Vegas.


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