Who’s the Worst NFL Starting QB?

On August 27, 2014, in NFL, by Stephen

Who is the worst starting quarterback in the NFL?

I count 17 really outstanding quarterbacks, but the bottom seven of the barrel are dreadful. They are so bad that I don’t put Rams backup and now starter Shaun Hill among them.

Here are my rankings from No. 26 to No. 32:

26. Geno Smith. At least he can run a little bit.

27. E.J. Manuel. Has two good running backs and intriguing young wide receiver talent, but can’t envision him taking advantage of it.

28. Matt Cassel. Very limited upside even when coached up, which I don’t see happening in Minnesota like it was when he played for Bill Belichick.

29. Brian Hoyer. Coming off a serious injury, facing life likely without Josh Gordon, staring at an 0-3 start and looking over his shoulder at Johnny Football.

30. Ryan Fitzpatrick. I just hate dink-and-dunkers even smart ones. The best he can do is keep a game close until his inevitable interception occurs.

31. Chad Henne. He needs weapons, which he doesn’t have. You know a team is in terrible shape when Henne is your starter.

32. Matt Schaub. Always a game-manager even during his prime, which is past. Now he’s just a sore-armed checkdown passer who should have been forced by the NFL to retire after his record bad performance last year.


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